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Referral FAQ

Referral FAQ'S
Q - 1. Can I refer myself?

A - Yes, as long as your insurance does not require referrals. Please check with your insurance.

Q - 2. My insurance company says they don't require a referral to see a specialist. Can I just make an appointment?

A - Yes, You can make a self referral directly via the self-referral form. If insurance requires a referral you can request one from your primary care physician or we can start the request on your behalf.

Q - 3. Who can I get a referral from to see you?

A - Your primary healthcare provider, surgeon, or specialist physician can send a referral on your behalf. If you do not have a primary healthcare provider then any hospital or urgent care center that has evaluated your pain may send a referral for you.

Q - 4. If I am a patient of yours and I would like you to see a family member or friend of mine can I set up an appointment for them?

A - We are thankful that you are pleased with our office and choose to send your family to us. We are happy to provide care for their pain. Due to HIPAA laws they would need to request the appointment on their own.

Q - 5. How do I get my doctor to send me to see you and not another pain management facility?

A - At your next appointment with your physician tell them you would like to receive specialized treatment from a pain management physician. You can specify that you would like to be sent to Grand Island Pain Relief Center to see Dr.Pravardhan Birthi. If you would like you can print out the physician referral form and bring it to your provider so they know exactly where to send your referral information.

Q - 6. How can I make sure that all of my records from multiple doctors are sent to you?

A - If you fill out a medical records release we can send it to the appropriate offices and have your records sent to us.

Q - 7. Do you offer self-pay?

A - We do offer discounts for patients who choose to self-pay. For additional questions about the self-pay pricing, please contact our office at 308-675-3222.

Q - 8. Do you perform treatments with sedation?

A - We offer procedures with and without IV or oral sedation.

Q - 9. What procedures do you offer?

A - Please refer to our treatments pages for more information. Please call our office with additional questions about other procedures offered.